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Breast Cancer Grad

"I have lived through a lot and I am still standing. I embrace my body and my amazon like one-boob look and I am just so damn happy to be alive and plan to be here for as long as I can shouting from the rooftops that I made it and so can you - and that it sucks but it can always be worse. We are not in charge of what happens next but we can help each other through it."


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Cancer Students

n. a person enrolled in Cancer College Courses and learning all they can.

synonym: Kick Butt Badass, Patient

Cancer Graduates

n. a person who schooled cancer on LIFE.

synonym: Magnificent Badass, Survivor

Major: Breast Cancer

Major: Gynecological Cancer

Major: Blood & Bone Cancer

Major: Rare Cancers (Unicorn Cancers)

Major: Childhood Cancer (The Gifted Program)

Study Abroad

n. a person who is learning on a new level.

synonym: Angel, Guardian

Advanced Placement (AP) Students

n. a person who chose to take a cancer course early to skip school later.

synonym: Bold Badass, Previvor

Course Auditors & Cheerleaders

n. a person who makes your cancer course load a little LIGHTER.

synonym: Co-Survivor, Caregiver, Supporter