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Mission Statement

Cancer Grad® is redefining the cancer experience by providing the cancer community a platform for finding new perspectives, sharing their experiences, connecting with a global support group, and empowering them to take charge of their future. We aim to promote healing while waiting on a cure. 

What is Cancer Grad?

Cancer Graduates, Aniela and Nora, created Cancer Grad® to REDEFINE the cancer experience. Both women sought to reframe the traditional cancer narrative from a war/battle experience to an educational experience, because words have the power to shape who we are to ourselves and to the world around us.  

Cancer Grad® is creating a world-wide movement of Cancer "Students" (patients), "Graduates" (survivors), "Course Auditors" (primary caregivers), and "Cheerleaders" (supportive friends) who are supporting and inspiring one another while sharing tangible tips & life wisdom from the lessons they have learned from their own cancer experiences.

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How It Began...

Aniela and Nora met through a mutual friend who noticed that they had a few things in common- a similar sense of humor, an ability to laugh at themselves, and a new cancer diagnosis. While in the midst of chemo, Nora reached out to Aniela online. The two connected, and a fast friendship formed. They kept up with each other during treatment and recovery, and shared tips on what they learned through the cancer process.  

During one fateful conversation, both admitted that neither felt connected to the term "Cancer Survivor". They understood why the term connected cancer patients, but wanted to approach their own cancer diagnoses and recoveries through a different lens- one that didn’t invoke the negative connotations of a war or battle, but offered the positive approach of a viewing a cancer diagnosis as a learning opportunity.

When they asked each other what would they would WANT to be called if not a "Survivor", they brainstormed a few alternate terms. Both women agreed they felt more empowered by the term "Cancer Graduate" and soon after the Cancer Grad lexicon was born.