Approximately 38% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Here are our stories.

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Breast Cancer Grad
"I also want to be a champion for minority women who have breast cancer. For whatever the reason may be, we lag behind when it comes to research studies and new treatment options. Especially when it comes to Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TPNBC). Just looking at the women on Instagram, more than half of them who have TPNBC are women of color. I want someone to research this and find out why!! TPNBC is the most deadliest forms of BC to have and in my opinion, not enough is being done to figure out why."


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Cancer Students

n. a person enrolled in Cancer College Courses and learning all they can.

synonym: Kick Butt Badass, Patient

Cancer Graduates

n. a person who schooled cancer on LIFE.

synonym: Magnificent Badass, Survivor

Major: Breast Cancer

Major: GI Cancers

Major: Rare Cancers (Unicorn Cancers)

Major: Childhood Cancer (The Gifted Program)

Study Abroad

n. a person who is learning on a new level.

synonym: Angel, Guardian

Advanced Placement (AP) Students

n. a person who chose to take a cancer course early to skip school later.

synonym: Bold Badass, Previvor

 Auditors & Cheerleaders

n. a person who makes your cancer course load a little LIGHTER.

synonym: Co-Survivor, Caregiver, Supporter