You Can Plan to Beat Cancer

The CanPlan

At Cancer Grad, we love finding ways to make the cancer experience a little easier and sharing them with you. We have been through this and know how lost and overwhelming it can feel.

The big question is always, where do you START? Canplan has answered that with this perfect planner. It is filled with information from clinical trials to tips on what to bring to chemo.

As our co-founder, Aniela, said "I almost wish I had cancer again so I could use this...ALMOST."

To find out what is inside, watch Nora and Aniela in this Facebook Live Replay as they as they review it page by page.  

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, use "THINKPINK30" to get 30% off.

CanPlan is a one-of-a-kind planner designed specifically for cancer patients and their caregivers. It provides daily reminders, guidelines for positive living, and methods for monitoring and tracking all of the details of your illness every step of the way. This isn’t simply a planner: it’s a roadmap to recovery, a book that will return control of your life back into your hands. Once you’re sick, you know you need a hand. With CanPlan, you’ll have one.