Leaving Cancer Grad

After graduating from cancer, I craved more meaning in my life. Everything needed to have a greater purpose--none of those mundane goals from my pre-cancer life. Now, eleven years after being enrolled into Cancer College (first with my mother's diagnosis and passing and three years ago with my diagnosis), my soul is ready to venture back into the general population and be a civilian again. 


Just like college, there is a transition from academic life to everyday life. It is a shock to the system when it all ends. A diploma in hand, but no idea what to do next or who you are. 

Autonation commercial. 

Autonation commercial. 

For a while, I went to the games, wore the team colors--pink of course-- and told EVERYONE I met that I graduated...from Cancer. But as time has gone by, I find that I want to talk about it less and less.

Being a Cancer Graduate has stopped being my identity and started simply being something I accomplished.

I am leaving Cancer Grad but this is not the END of Cancer Grad. Cancer Grad is each of you. It is a community wrapped around the idea that we can "Redefine the Cancer Experience"

Nora has taken over EVERYTHING, but she can't do this alone. If you are inspired to help, please reach out and collaborate with her (write a guest blog, help with graphics or design, social media management, or simply donate to help keep the site up). Info@CancerGrad.org

Thank you all so much for being on this journey with me, for being my sorority of sisters (and brothers). You made my Cancer College experience so much easier and a lot more fun.