Cancer Student- Leslie aka LB

LB Ovarian Cancer Student CancerGrad Yearbook

We love LB's sense of humor and her take-no-prisoners attitude. Just check her out giving cancer the one fingered salute, with a giant smile on her face! LB is a young Stage 3 OVCA student. She was enrolled on March 9th, the day of her surgery. LB has studied intense chemotherapy (over 17 weeks) and has completed surgery courses for ovarian cancer, bowel obstruction, and kidney failure. As her body heals from intense chemo and infections, she still manages to keep a positive attitude and is focusing on getting stronger to complete her chemo courses in the Fall. LB has a heart of gold, appreciates all the support she can get from willing cheerleaders, and wants us all to know that "love kills cancer". Follow her on Instagram at @lesliebak47. If you are able, she is incredibly grateful for any contributions towards her medical care at her GoFundMe page. .The link is in our bio! .