Cancer Grad Cheerleader- Jhairol Feliz

Meet Cheerleader, Jhairol Feliz of Mysterious Wicked Fighters!


While in NYC for the Stupid Cancer OMG Summit, Jhairol, the founder of Mysterious Wicked Fighters, reached out to meet us. The moment we meant him we fell in love and it wasn't just because he brought us mini cupcakes (okay, maybe a little). His love and dedication to selflessly helping the cancer community was awe inspiring. We know that you are going to love him too. 


Name: Jhairol Feliz

Age you decided to become a cheerleader: 24

Location: I currently live in New Jersey, but when I started I lived in New York City. 

Explain your involvement with the cancer community: I started small, along with others who just wanted to be part of the breast cancer walk. For me, it started like that, but it meant a lot more just a few minutes into my first walk. I put together a group of friends and family members and we got really involved in the cancer community by hosting events to raise money and awareness. We get involved by reaching out to people with cancer, via social media or at any event. We serve as a support group to people and find ways to make them feel better. We hold fundraiser events for people who need it, while educating others and showing them how they can help.

I started going to walks because my mother had a [cancer] scare.

Why are you so passionate about this? I love and enjoy the joy, happiness, and calm we bring to people who need it. Knowing that my help and support made someone’s day is an amazing feeling- even if it’s just with words or giving them one of our handmade paracord survival bracelets.

What inspired you to start Mysterious Wicked Fighters? I started going to walks because my mother had a scare- she thought she had breast cancer after some tests.  It turns out she didn't have breast cancer, but I decided to continue with the walks because of the people I have met. After that, I looked up a walk and joined in!

Don’t feel like you can’t do anything.

What inspires you to continue on with Mysterious Wicked Fighters? Seeing the joy we bring to people with our support is the reason I continue and the reason I will always continue with MWF. The plan is to have MWF everywhere. Continuing to grow inspires me to be able to reach out to more and more people.

Based on your experiences within the cancer world, what would you determine is most needed for the women and men diagnosed with breast cancer (besides a cure)? I realized one of the most needed things for breast cancer and all cancer patients, is support. A support system is such a strong thing and it really does help them along the way- even if it's just with a smile or a friendly gesture.

Any advice for other cheerleaders who want to help/get involved but don't know where to start? Don't feel like you can't do anything. Go online and find the next breast cancer walk and start from there, like I did. I had no idea I was gonna be where I am now with Mysterious Wicked Fighters. Sign up for a walk, bring a friend and talk to people there. Or if that doesn't work you can always join us. Mysterious Wicked Fighters is always looking for new members to join. If you join we will guide you to what you can do to help. Like I have mentioned before, we are trying to spread (the support) around the world.

The plan is to have MWF everywhere.

Any advice on how the cancer world can enlist more cheerleaders? A very good way to enlist cheerleaders is through events. When hosting an event let people know how they can help outside the event. Also, have a friend join you and have that friend bring a friend. The more, the better! But it's all about getting out there and letting people know what you do. That might spark those who want to enlist.

Have you had any touching/powerful moments since getting involved? Yes, all the time. When people who we are helping thank us or send us thank you notes. It's such a touching, heart warming feeling when I get those messages.

What have you gained from being involved? Knowledge of cancer and how it affects people. I've gained great friendships over the years.

What is Mysterious Wicked Fighters? Mysterious Wicked Fighters is the name of our team/non-profit organization. You can see all the events and stuff that we sell to raise money on our social media;
And the link to buy our paracord survival bracelet on Etsy .

It’s all about getting out there and letting people know what you do.

Thanks for all of your support, Jhairol!