Anne Pursell @ Fit_Fearless_mom

Study-Abroad Student

Anne Pursell aka @Fit_Fearless_Mom



Instagram was my Cancer Support Group while I was going through treatment (Stage 1 BC, Double Mastectomy, 13 Round of Chemo). It was open 24 hours, no driving needed, no immune system risk, AND you FOLLOW only the people you WANT in your group. 

@Fit_Fearless_Mom was one of those people that you WANTED in your support group and over 7,000 people agree. 

Seeing Anne's posts in my feed helped me stay positive and motivated in the middle of treatment. She taught us by example. 


She smiled through difficulties that would break most and showed us that we could do it to. 


Anne did not LOSE anything. She did NOT lose her battle. 


She FINISHED STRONG And Is Now Studying Abroad. We LOVE YOU. 

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