MonaLisa Touch® Q&A

Would you shoot a laser up your lady bits?

How about if someone told you it might improve your sex life after breast cancer treatments? 

A few years ago, I heard about the MonaLisa Touch® Laser Treatment and remember thinking judgingly, “How desperate would someone have to be to voluntarily let your vagina be attacked with a laser?”


I soon found out.


Weeks after starting chemo, at 31 years old, my vagina started to dry up, lose elasticity and become brittle. Simple, gentle intercourse would result in tearing and pain for days. 


But everything is temporary and I figured my bits would snap back when chemo ended. 


Then, a month after chemo, I had a preventative hysterectomy (because of the BRCA1 genetic mutation), which thrust me head first into a permanent menopause abyss. Unable to take hormone replacement due to the breast cancer (Stage 1, ER/PR+, HER2-), I doubled down by taking Femara, a daily oral medication similar to Tamoxifen, to steal any hint of estrogen remaining in my system, just for good measure. 


My vagina had been dropped into the Menopausal Sahara Desert with no oasis in sight.

By 33, I was desperate


Next stop, lasers. But before I went in, I had some questions. 


Dr. Randy Fink, MD. FACOG OB/GYN

Dr. Randy Fink, MD. FACOG OB/GYN

The people at MonaLisa Touch® set me up with Dr. Randy Fink—side tangent, did anyone notice that his name means Horney Scoundrel, best gyno name ever — from Miami Center of Excellence for Obstetrics & Gynecology



Hopefully, my interview with Dr. Fink about the MonaLisa Touch® laser treatment helped answer some of your questions and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for our next video when I take you with me as I get the treatment and honestly review the final results. 


Questions we covered:

  1. What is the Mona Lisa Touch®? 0:36
  2. Does Mona Lisa Touch® hurt? 1:05
  3. Do I still need to dilate? 2:29
  4. Does this work for every woman or are certain women better candidates? 3:23
  5. Does this work for women who had gynecological cancers? 4:14
  6. How many treatments do you need? 5:19
  7. How long do the results last? 5:48
  8. Does this improve sensation for me, my partner, or both? 6:27

A question that we didn't really cover was cost. Insurance is not covering this procedure yet and the cost can vary depending on what area you live in. Currently, it is a self-pay and can range between $1,500 to $3,000 to get all three treatments done. I suggest letting the doctor know that you had cancer--play the cancer card-- and see if they will work with you. Since it is self-pay, you might be able to negotiate. 




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