A vag laser for better post-cancer sex. Does it work? MonaLisa Touch Review.

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“Daammn, I can’t wait to tap that A$$…when you are ready.”

I was in the midst of chemo treatment, laid up on the couch, bald, no eyebrows, fingernails falling off, my breasts cut off and my husband magically knew exactly what I needed to hear. The perfect balance between showing he still found me sexy and simultaneously NOT pressuring me to have sex. 


The long-term sexual side effects from cancer treatments—chemotherapy, Femara/Tomaxifen, a complete hysterectomy—not to mention the emotional side effects of losing one’s breasts and watching your body change, were more intense than I expected or was prepared for. 


Now, three years after my breast cancer diagnosis, I have morphed into a 34-year-old post-menopause woman with a vagina resembling a dried up rubber band that has been left at in the back of a junk drawer for years. Add on a nonexistent sex drive and straight up pain during intercourse, and “tapping that A$$” has become nearly impossible. 


So, I am on a vaginal odyssey to restore my lady bits to their previous glory.


Here is a list of where I have ventured so far:

  • Vaginal Dilators
  • Vaginal Lubricants (Coconut Oil, Sliquid)
  • Vaginal Moisturizer (Replense)
  • 8 weeks of Pelvic Floor Therapy


(For more details about each, you can watch Nora and I talk about it in this archived #WisdomWednesday)


Next stop…LASERS

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It took several months, but I have finally finished my three MonaLisa Touch® Vaginal Laser treatments, with to goal of reducing dryness and restoring elasticity caused by medical menopause.


Here is my honest, in-depth, and funny video review.

To skip around, here is a quick list of what I cover in the video:

  1. Why did I get this done? 1:01
  2. What does the laser feel like? 1:50
  3. What are the immediate side effects? 2:38
  4. What are my final results? 3:12
  5. Does MonaLisa Touch® really work? 3:44
  6. My other issues causing sexual dysfunction (lack of hormones & vaginismus).  4:07
  7. My biggest complaint with MonaLisa Touch®. 6:04
  8. My closing advice. 6:43

Don't know what MonaLisa Touch® is, watch my Q&A video with Dr. Randy Fink as we dive into all of the details.




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