Ovarian Cancer Grad- Elly Mayday

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. We are dedicating our Fridays for the month of September to profiling fellow Ovarian Cancer Grads and Students.

Meet Ovarian Cancer Grad, Elly Mayday!

Elly mayday grad photo cancer grad yearbook

Name: Elly Mayday

Age Enrolled: 25

Major: Ovarian Cancer-Stage 3 Low Grade Serous Carcinoma

Primary symptoms you had experienced prior to diagnosis: Lower back pain, loss of appetite, feeling full quickly, abdomen pain, bloating

What symptom(s) lead you to go to the doctor?:  The back pain was major for me, debilitating.

Courses completed: I had a biopsy to be diagnosed, full hysterectomy, 3 months of weekly chemo, total de-bulking surgery lasting 10 hours and another operation to remove a nodule.

What you’d like other women (and men) to know about Ovarian Cancer:  I think the major problem with this disease is that there is no screening. You have to be very persistent in getting diagnosed. An early diagnosis increases your chances (of survival) drastically. Knowing the signs and symptoms could save your life.

Any helpful tips or tricks for other women navigating a diagnosis? Do your own research, look into your family history, write down your symptoms and be specific. Get a specialist as soon as possible and keep going back till you have a resolution.

Anything you wished you knew prior to diagnosis? I wished I knew more about the disease and was able to be diagnosed earlier. I understand just how important it is to take your health seriously. You have to be your own advocate.

elly mayday cancer grad yearbook

Did you learn anything about yourself? I learned how strong my family is, how strong I can be and how wonderful it is to have good people in your life.