Breast Cancer Grad- Melissa aka @StylinwithD

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My paternal aunt is an ovarian cancer survivor. Thus, I learned approximately 20 years ago that I too would be studying for my #BRCA1 designation with honors. Unfortunately, at that time there were not many courses offered beyond a bachelor’s in Digital Imagery. I was simply advised to have my children as quickly as possible and then have a hysterectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy. I was informed that I cut my breast cancer rate by 50% if I had this surgery prior to 40 years of age.

At the time…. the removal of healthy body parts was thought to be aggressive and barbaric. Regardless, the dedicated student that I was, I had my preventative surgery which launched my secondary degree of Surgical Menopause. I excelled in the course work and even minored in several of the following areas:

Course Number Course Title
BRCA1 0030 Basic Insomnia
BRCA1 0050 Mechanics of Global Warming
BRCA1 0070 Extragalactic Vaginal Dryness and Lack of High-Energy Astrophysics in the Boudoir

For my final academic discipline, during a routine breast MRI almost 2 years ago, I was enrolled for a major in breast cancer with a concentration in ductal carcinoma in-situ. This resulted in my BS in Bilateral#mastectomy with Reconstruction.


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