Breast Cancer Grad- Monica

Monica's first few applications to cancer colleges were hastily rejected. Doctors deemed her unfit for study as she was too young and had no family history. A couple of years later at 30, she found a lump in her armpit and after some strong encouragement from her partner she reapplied. Monica was immediately accepted into the Dirty C Word College for a Stage 2B Oestrogen Receptive Breast Cancer Degree, Majoring in Bilateral Mastectomy, IVF Egg Collection, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy. She excelled in having 18 lymph nodes removed and reconstruction.

As a Class of 15 Graduate, she maintains her degree with monthly Zoladex injections and daily aromatise-inhibitor tablets and will most likely continue to do so until 2025.

Monica has made some wonderful breasties in college such as @anielamcghowever she has also considered other fields of study such as Anxiety, PTSD, and Low Self-Esteem but has now decided that a Masters in IDGAF, YOLO and Yoga are the way to go.

When she's not studying you can find her with her Instagram breasties, cuddling her furry companion @messimarsland, playing lawn bowls, beach volleyball, poker or creating her own wardrobe.